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Address: 1 Vosstaniya St.
Telephone: 719-95-01
Fax: 719-95-72
Working hours: daily from 9 a.m. till 22.p.m.

В связи с сезонным увеличением числа посетителей нашего Центра Флюорографии,
с 01 августа 2017 года мы меняем график работы:
Пн-Пт с 8.00 до 23.00
Сб-Вс с 9.00 до 22.00
Обращаем ваше внимание, что наиболее загруженные часы с 11 до 14 часов, и с 16 до 19 часов. Для более быстрого прохождения обследования просим вас выбирать для посещения утренние или вечерние часы!

Advantages of our fluorography center:

  • State-of-the-art digital small-dose X-ray apparatus, roentgenogram of the highest quality
  • X-ray photograph is processed in 5 minutes
  • Printing on the film or recording on CD
  • Convenient working hours

Examples of fluorography images


Service Price in rubles
Fluorography of chest organs (1 projection) with roentgenologist’s conclusion 300
Fluorography of chest organs (2 projection) with roentgenologist’s conclusion 450
Duplicate of conclusion 100
Recording of the image on CD 150
Printing of the image on the film (1 or 2 projections) 300

Necessary documents:

Passport, international passport, driving license, military card or ID for a military officer.

Fluorography of the pregnant is only allowed on the recommendation of the attending medical doctor (in emergency or salvage cases).

Fluorography of teenagers under the age of 15 is only allowed in the presence of parents and upon written recommendation of the attending physician. The height of the patient under treatment should not be lower than 145 cm.

Payment on account for organizations is possible.

At our fluorography center you can undergo screening at any time convenient for you, in a comfortable warm room with an apparatus that has 5-10 less radiation exposure than apparatuses of old model.

Our fluorography center is conveniently located – right beside the entrance to the metro station “Ploschad Vosstaniya”./p>

The center boasts state-of-the-art medical equipment, in particular, fluorography apparatus ProScan-2000, that is the best solution for digital fluorography. The main advantage of this apparatus is small dose of radiation, instantaneous image processing and high quality of the image. According to statistics, up to 15 % of images that are made at traditional film apparatus are defected. And this is revealed not at once, but after the film is developed. Photofluorogram at digital apparatus is displayed right after the image has been made. This minimizes the occurrence of non-informative images and eliminates the necessity to re-take the image. Computer fluporogram can be treated with special filters, that provides high quality of diagnostics and in a number of cases helps avoid extra check-ups. In case you’ll need one more X-ray image or roentgenologist’s conclusion, you can always get duplicates at the center. Moreover, you can have your image recorded on a CD that is run without any special programs.

Thus, the main advantages of digital fluorography are:

What concerns informativeness, digital photofluorograpgy has become comparable with roentgenographic surveys. This means increased ability to detect pathologies during mass check-ups. Doctors and researchers provide different figures, but they all agree that in comparison with traditional fluorography, even the simplest digital apparatus is able to raise detectability of deceases by at least 15%.

Dose loads vary between different apparatuses but one can say with certainty that the simplest digital equipment provides a 5-time reduction of dose in comparison with the best models of traditional sets. Such a small dose allows younger groups of patients to undergo check-ups for tuberculoses prevention. Some apparatuses have radiation dose comparable with just a part of natural radiation load on a person during one day. For comparison, radiation exposure rates at clean territories amounts to 10-15 microroentgens per hour. Thus, around 100-150 mcR is formed during 10 hours of a person’s life. Exactly such dose is formed by the most small-dose digital fluorography apparatuses. For comparison, a good film apparatus exerts around 25 000 mcR. Commentaries are needless.

A possibility to keep the image as long as needed is an important advantage of modern fluorography. Archiving of images is necessary for observing a patient’s health and providing individual approach for his treatment. CDs and DVDs with capacity of up to 3500 images are normally used for archiving. When necessary, a copy of digital image can be made at a professional printer, not only on paper, but on film as well.

Absence of roentgenographic film has a number of advantages. Firstly, its sensitivity is limited, that makes it impossible to significantly reduce radiation dose. Secondly, film processing is time-taking and a client can not get the image during the first visit.

High flow capacity is also an important feature. Besides reduction of expenses per one treatment, it is convenient both for doctors and patients. There’s no necessity to queue up.

Unlike in film-screen apparatus, in digital apparatus, the energy of roentgen photons, having passed through the object of research (that is, human’s body) is sensed by one of the systems for image digitizing.

The following conclusions may be made:

4 reasons why you should undergo fluorography

  1. By making fluorography once a year you guarantee your staying healthy. Has it been more than a year since you made X-ray? Do not take risks, as small-dose digital X-raying helps identify early stages of tuberculoses, inflammatory and oncological deceases.
  2. Settling down in a new job? You need fluorography results on you.
  3. Waiting for a baby? Your husband should undergo X-ray procedure.
  4. Are you down with a cold? Are you constantly coughing? Fluorography image shall diagnose your condition.
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